2023 Bucket List Destinations of 12 Female Travel Bloggers

Looking to spice up the new year with a vacation but don’t know where to go? Well, fear not, I’ve asked 12 women travel bloggers “what is your number one destination on your 2023 bucket list, and why?” From remote islands like Fiji to the historical centers in Germany, their answers will take you all around the globe.

The Ultimate 2023 Bucket List Destinations – Summary

  • Madagascar
  • Italy
  • Indonesia
  • Switzerland
  • Africa
  • Germany
  • Bali
  • Azores
  • Fiji
  • Antarctica
  • Canada
  • Egypt

The one place that I hope to make my way to in 2023 is Madagascar. Having grown up in Kenya, it saddens me that I have not explored more of the African continent and its surrounding island nations. There is so much to admire and fall in love with, from vibrant culture to remarkable natural landscapes, and Madagascar is no exception. I hope to have the Avenue of the Baobabs tower over me and hike through the Stone Forests – and most of all, enjoy the kilometers of sandy beaches and crystal-clear waters. It would be a dream come true to discover everything the country offers because it does feel like a once-in-lifetime sort of opportunity – especially if you take into account the fact that baobab trees are under great threat from climate change.

About Sanika:

Sanika is a London-based travel blogger with the goal of encouraging people in their 20s to use travel as a means of blissful escape and has a growing community interested in learning how to have a great time exploring foreign environments without spending a lot.

Megan Jerrard

Bucket List Destination for 2023: Italy

I’ve been to Italy many times and done the tourist trail of Rome / Venice / Florence / Milan etc, however, I always leave realizing that there are 20 more destinations within the country that demand a return visit! This coming year I want to return to take in the cliffside views of the Amalfi Coast, and then jump down to Sicily for beaches and some incredible, mouth-watering Cannoli! Mount Etna is also in Sicily, and I’m pretty keen on adding ‘hiked Europe’s tallest active volcano’ to my adventure travel resume! 

About Meg: Meg is a travel blogger based in Cairns, Australia, and runs both Mapping Megan as well as Solofemaletravelers.club, which empowers women through travel with a 200,000-strong Solo Female Travelers community and with curated small group trips designed by women for women which support local female-owned businesses.

Umiko Buhl

Bucket List Destination for 2023: Indonesia

In 2023, I want to revisit Indonesia. This time I want to explore North Sumatra province with its beautiful Lake Toba, where beautiful nature and villages rich in traditions surround this stunning crater lake. There’s Samosir Island in the middle of the lake where I can hike to the waterfalls, mountain bike while visiting villages on the island, and visit the local market.

About Umiko: Umiko runs a travel blog from Dallas, Texas. She enjoys hiking and exploring Texas nature and small towns during weekends or short holidays with her family, including their dog Snoopy. They travel to other states enjoying national parks and other nature wonders on a long holiday. Originally from Indonesia, she tries to visit the country to explore the thousands of islands spread over 38 provinces.

Geeves jo

Bucket List Destination for 2023: Switzerland

With so many amazing countries to explore and so little time, my mind always reels when it’s time to plan my travels for the new year. Thinking of adventures I’ve been craving lately like fondue in a beautiful setting, skiing, and sleigh rides, it’s pretty clear that my #1 bucket list travel destination for 2023 is Switzerland!

About Geeves:

Real Girl Review is a motivational travel, lifestyle, & review blog from the lens of Geeves, a full-time traveler, creator, writer, self-proclaimed “smile influencer” & chronic illness warrior. Life is one big adventure at Real Girl Review and Geeves loves inspiring others to live it to the fullest! Her fun stories, honest reviews, and informative guides are what her audience knows her for best. Online, you’ll find her sharing her journey through blogs, vlogs & “on-location”, and journalist-style videos on social media in her signature bubbly style.

Lauren gay

Bucket List Destination for 2023: Africa

My bucket list destination for 2023 is Africa. In particular South Africa and Zimbabwe.  It will be so meaningful for me to finally set foot on the continent of the origin of my ancestors. I’m looking forward to the people and the amazing natural wonders that I know I will see.  

About Lauren: Lauren Gay is the creator of Misadventures of an Outdoorsy Diva Blog,  host/producer of the award-winning Adventure Is A Lifestyle Podcast, published photographer, speaker, consultant, on-air TV travel expert, and adventure coach who is passionate about inspiring and empowering black women to step out of their comfort zones for new experiences in travel and adventure and embracing nature as therapy.

Linnea Jordan

Bucket List Destination for 2023: Germany

Did you know that Germany has anywhere from 20,000 – 25,000 castles?

In 2023, I’m planning to take a road trip across Germany this summer to see a few of the most beautiful castles in Germany! I certainly won’t be able to hit all 20,000+ castles, but I’ve added a few special ones to my “must-see” list!

A few of my top must-see castles on my list for my  German castle road trip are Eltz Castle (Burg Eltz), Wernigerode Castle (Schloss Wernigerode), Hohenzollern Castle (Burg Hohenzollern), and Neuschwanstein!

Germany is a very car-friendly country in Europe – perfect for a road trip! Many of Germany’s castles offer guests the chance to stay overnight inside a castle too! I’m planning to at least stay overnight in one of the castles I visit this summer.

About Linnea: Linnea Jordan is the owner and author of the travel blogger behind Popovers and Passports, a travel blog that focuses on how to make the most out of your travels in a limited “popover” time. She focuses on boutique and luxury accommodations, the best restaurants, and finds the most unique experiences every destination has to offer.

Jackie Rezk

Bucket List Destination for 2023: Bali

Bali is on my 2023 bucket list because the views look incredible, the water is beautiful, and the villas are so dreamy and instagrammable.

About Jackie: Jackie is an American expat living in London. She runs the travel blog Jou Jou Travels which combines her passion for solo travel & hidden gems. She loves to find undiscovered places with pretty architecture and pops of color! She is obsessed with travel so much, that she doesn’t let finding someone to go with stop her. Jackie’s goal is to inspire her audience to do the same!

More Bucket List Destinations for 2023

Isabella Biava

Bucket List Destination for 2023: Azores

Portugal has always been on my bucket list. I have even hired a local writer to write insider guides on Boundless Roads. I finally decided to visit Portugal in April. The original plan was to land in Lisbon rent a car and go on a road trip. This is my favorite way to travel. However, I recently found out that April is whale season in the Azores and since whales have become my latest obsession I have decided to switch my plans.

About Isabella: Isabella is an ex-expat and nomad who loves to travel slowly and always has a camera or a drone in her hand. She’s from Italy but has lived in Mexico for over a decade and explored other Latin American countries. She has three blogs where she shares practical tips on solo travel in Mexico, and beyond. The pros and cons of the nomadic life, and how to achieve it. She ultimately aims to inspire solo female travelers to have their best adventures on the road.

Lanie van der Horst

Bucket List Destination for 2023: Fiji

Fiji is one of my 2023 bucket list destinations because it is one country I have always known about, but it seemed so far away and hard to get to. After spending 5 weeks solo with my kids, including 2 long-haul flights, a stop in Fiji sounds relaxing.

About Lanie: Lanie is a travel blogger currently living in Brisbane, Australia. Originally from Clearwater, Florida, Lanie worked as a special education teacher in Brooklyn, NY traveling each summer before having kids. In 2020, Lanie and her family moved to Brisbane where she started the blog Make More Adventures which covers family travel and local adventures.

Sam Opp

Bucket List Destination for 2023: Antarctica

Antarctica is my 2023 bucket list destination because I have always wanted to see the penguins and kayak along glaciers.

About Sam: Sam is a travel blogger and content creator based in Raleigh, NC. Find Love and Travel shares detailed itineraries and travel tips from personal experiences to help you plan the best vacation.

Melissa Middlestadt

Bucket List Destination for 2023: Alberta, Canada

Alberta Canada is on my 2023 bucket list because I have always wanted to experience winter in the Canadian Rockies, to find adventure in the mountains in its winter wonderland mode.

About Melissa: Melissa is a travel blogger living in Ontario, Canada. Her blog My Beautiful Passport covers adventure and affordable luxury travel.

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Kalilah Hayward

Bucket List Destination for 2023: EGYPT

When I was younger, I was obsessed with the movie “The Prince of Egypt.” In fact, because of that movie, Moses was my first celebrity church (pls don’t tell the church lol). This year, I’m turning 30 years old, and I plan on finally fulfilling my childhood dream of visiting Egypt. Cute historical figures aside, the culture is so beautiful and I can’t wait to experience it for myself. There is also an emergence of women-owned and led tours and businesses. It would be such an enriching experience to learn more about the country through their eyes and reality.

Bio: Kay is the blogger and creative villain behind The Awkward Traveller blog. Along with her humorous musings, her blog focuses on making travel more accessible and inclusive to those who want to explore the world!

Thank you to all the ladies that made this post possible.

If you didn’t find the destination for you, drop a comment and let me know what your bucket list destination is for 2023!

2023 Bucket List Destinations of 12 Female Travel Bloggers2023 Bucket List Destinations of 12 Female Travel Bloggers2023 Bucket List Destinations of 12 Female Travel Bloggers

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