4 reasons to rent a property in Europe this summer

Did you know that you can do more than rent a room at some of our historic hotels? A handful of our exquisite properties allow you to hire them out for exclusive use: opening your doors to an entirely new way of travel with a variety of its own perks. Keep reading for four of the top reasons why it can be a great idea to rent a property in Europe, and see here for all the properties in our Collection that offer the option.

1. To reconnect with loved ones

Reuniting with family and catching up with friends aren’t always the easiest things to arrange, but for most of us, these gatherings are core to our happiness in life. Hiring a hotel is a brilliant way to commit to seeing your loved ones while experiencing something new as a group – where everyone can relax and unwind from the pressures of daily life while spending some much-needed quality time together.

Coopershill House in Connaught, Ireland seems purpose-built for such occasions. This gorgeous 1700s country house oozes grandeur, comfort and charm – it’s a real crowd pleaser. What’s more, though its seven bedrooms include everything you need to relax in style, there are no TVs or radios present – a deliberate choice to help you focus on being present with your holiday party, as well as appreciate the tranquillity of the local area. Spot otters, wild deer and more as you wander its 500 acres, or escape to the seaside in minutes. There’s so much to see… and do, for back at the house, you can try your hand at everything from croquet to fishing in-between indulging in delicious meals whipped up by the hotel chefs. You’ll have everything you need to relax and unwind. Your only goal? To have a good time, and make memories the whole group will cherish forever.

2. To add some sparkle to a special occasion

Marriages, anniversaries, birthdays. Life is full of exciting chapters and causes to celebrate… and there are few finer ways to mark them than by choosing to rent a property in Europe! Having exclusive use of an incredible historic hotel will help you honour whatever occasion is coming up in a magnificent manner – often with some swanky perks, too.

Manowce Palace is a particularly shining example of the benefits of hiring a hotel for your next group event. Based in Poland’s Western Pomerania, its grounds are nothing short of stunning – a doorway into the heart of the country’s wild beauty, which you’re welcome to experience first hand. Sunbathe on the shores of your own private lagoon, go truffle hunting, and ride, kayak, and cycle your way across the property’s diverse grounds, all with the help of a personal English or German speaking assistant that’s available to help you find what you need throughout your trip. Manowce Palace is one of the very few five-star properties in this captivating corner of the world that you can rent out entirely to yourself, and you’ll want to take full advantage – along with its exceptional hospitality, there’s a stunning spa waiting to pamper you. What’s more, this property is particularly well-known for its wedding package, which covers food, florists, decoration specialists and more, as well as access to an opulent bridal suite. One look at the property’s striking neoclassical architecture, and you won’t be able to resist factoring it into the most romantic day of your life.

3. To enjoy the ultimate intimate escape

Want total privacy on your next getaway for you and your favourite people? Rent a property in Europe to ensure you won’t be disturbed while you’re out of office. Exclusively hiring a hotel with your beloved band of travellers is guaranteed to help you tap into your inner zen, and relearn how to appreciate life’s slower pace and simple pleasures – a reminder we could all do with, sometimes.

When you rent out Villa Bergzauber, you feel as though you’ve acquired your own spectacular secret space. This luminous property in Upper Austria is surrounded by a 360 view of sweeping valleys, fairytale forestry and arching mountains – you’ll be spinning round in circles to take it all in at once. Managed by a friendly staff and home to wellness facilities including a sauna and heated outdoor saltwater pool, it’s perfectly optimised for languid days to be savoured at your leisure. However much you choose to engage with the outside world is totally up to you, too. Despite its rural location, this villa is close to quaint Windischgarsten, the perfect base for some light exploring and a quick bite. With community at your doorstep but all the contemporary comforts you need on-site, you can have total control over how you spend each day. Sounds superb, doesn’t it?

4. To connect with local culture

When you rent a property in Europe, you can get even more hands-on with the local landscape and history, especially if you have exclusive access to the hotel staff. They’ll be able to help you find ways to engage with the surrounding area in a way that suits your character and preferences, specifically – from suggesting traditional meals that align with your tastebuds, to offering insights on the best things to see and do depending on your interests. Few adventures are as tailor-made.

There’s a lot to explore when you hire Relais San Biagio. This ancient monastery in Perugia, Italy is an experience in itself, at the heart of which is a Regeneration and Wellness Centre created to soothe your soul (and muscles). Expert staff can advise you on treatments to suit your needs, which often feature medicinal herbs, oils and extracts, as well as a dip in a gloriously warm hammam – it’s bliss. Using the unique waters of the Nocera Umbra, the San Biagio Craft Brewery is also worth a visit. It’s here that the first Italian craft beer with monastic influences was made, the San Biagio Craft Beer. This hotel is also in the perfect position to link you to local culture, as it’s close to both a natural park and a wealth of Umbria’s most characterful villages. Hire it out this year for a trip that’s nothing short of extraordinary.

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