4 Simple Ways to Automate Hotel Management Solutions

Hotel automation uses tools that automate various tasks, allowing the hotel staff to focus on more important things by saving time and resources. Several day-to-day operational processes are now automated by hospitality professionals of all levels, including proprietors, operators, top executives, and sales coordinators. 

In this blog, we examine the most recent developments in hotel automation and the reasons for the increasing demand for automation in the hospitality sector. 

We will: 

  • Go through the essential functions of hotel automation systems
  • Talk about how hotel automation optimizes everyday business processes in the hotel
  • Pinpoint tactics for leveraging hotel automation to increase productivity

What are Hotel Management Solutions?

Hotel management solutions give hoteliers easy-to-use tools that streamline and automate their operations and improve guest experiences. Applications of such solutions involve booking engines, hotel CRM, channel managers, revenue management systems (RMS), etc. These solutions are essential for decreasing overhead costs, improving the guest experience, and increasing revenue.

4 Simple Ways to Automate Hotel Management Solutions

Although each hotel has different operational automation requirements, many would profit from some automation. 

Below are four essential processes and services that hotel industry experts are automating to expand growth, boost efficiency, and increase revenue.


Streamline Daily Operations

Automated hotel management solutions communicate and update users and hoteliers as and when rooms are reserved, helping guests make direct bookings via the hotel’s website, third-party portals, or RFP management solutions. A well-integrated solution can also improve daily operations such as front desk services, room reservations, housekeeping, channel management, etc. The right Property Management System (PMS) can streamline processes, reduce costs, and improve customer experience through automation.  

For example, revenue managers use hotel automation to ensure real-time modifications are appropriately reflected on the property’s CRM, revenue, inventories, and sales platforms rather than physically monitoring and entering data from one system to another.


Business Analytics

Automated business analytics monitoring lets you keep tabs on market trends and competitor performance. 

Determine which hotels are included in your competitive set and monitor your hotel’s performance with the competition. Examine automated reports frequently to detect early industry trends in parameters like rates, revenue per available room, and occupancy. 

Hoteliers can use automated revenue management solutions to forecast pricing accurately, ensuring they are ready for high-traffic seasons and events. Such solutions help in increasing conversion, guest loyalty, and revenue. 


Efficient and Contactless Check-ins

The post-pandemic era has enabled guests to prioritize a contactless check-in to their hotels. Guests can conveniently check in without having to go to the front desk. Hoteliers can send automated pre-arrival notifications directly to their customers, ensuring a better quality of experience. 

Through automation, validated guests can use a customized app to unlock their rooms with nothing more than a phone. Solutions like express and contactless check-ins allow your customer service staff to free up more time to provide additional services and elevate the customer experience.


Strengthen Marketing

Property owners can boost guest experiences through automated marketing messages and services, enabling increased guest loyalty and repeat stays. By integrating a frictionless CRM, they can automate guest surveys, newsletters, and even advanced marketing campaigns. These solutions also provide a detailed report that can help determine which marketing campaign generates the most revenue. 

Automating your hotel’s processes can be easy and manageable. For an economical and smooth integration process, seek out automation solutions suitable to deploy with the hotel technologies you currently have in place. 


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