A journey begun at Net Affinity

Our work lives lead their own little journeys within the bigger picture of our full lives. If we’re lucky, they can be as full as other parts of life – full of excitement, joy, ambition, hard work and satisfaction when things go right. When things go wrong, we hopefully have people there by our side who can help shoulder the burden and aid us in our quest for the right solution. 

At Net Affinity, we have strived to be a comfortable, secure workplace where people feel driven to work hard and supported by a close-knit team who genuinely care for each-other’s wellbeing as much as the company’s success. As we all well know – you can’t have one without the other.

We’ve been lucky enough to have had a stream of bright new hires over the last year who have settled in and shone, making our team that much stronger and that much brighter. We sat down for a chat with Niamh Foley (Digital Marketing Specialist), Aoife Nolan (Senior Digital Marketing Specialist) and Jenna Sanders (Digital Marketing Specialist) to find out how they’re getting on in their relatively new roles with us. 

Hi girls. Firstly, how do you like your roles here at Net Affinity? Are they exciting? Challenging? Rewarding?

Niamh: I really enjoy my role at Net Affinity. Having a variety of different clients to work with makes everyday a little different and it’s definitely all of the above – exciting, challenging and rewarding!

Aoife: No two days are the same when you work in digital marketing, and the same can be said for working in the hospitality industry. Combine the two together, and you’re faced with a job that’s challenging and highly rewarding!

The ever-changing trends in both industries allow me the freedom to be as creative and innovative as I need to be. I enjoy building relationships with my clients and helping to drive the best results possible with our campaigns.

Do you feel supported and welcomed by teammates and managers?

Jenna: Yes absolutely. Everyone has been so friendly and welcoming – it has made the daunting process of starting a new job so much more enjoyable. 

Aoife: From day one, I knew this team were something special. We all support each other and work together, offering creative feedback and assistance when needed. Since the beginning, my manager and team have made sure I never feel isolated in this remote-work environment.

 How do you find working from home?

Niamh: Great! Without a commute, I have more time in my day for things outside of work. The ability to work remotely provided me with this fantastic career opportunity without having to move away from my hometown of Kerry.

Jenna: For me, it’s brilliant. I love the flexibility, and also really appreciate the time gained by not having to face a commute!

How do you like Net Affinity’s social side?!

Aoife: Although they’re a remote-first company, Net Affinity really makes sure we don’t miss out on the social side of work life! Quarterly events are scheduled that staff can either participate in virtually or in-person. We’re all encouraged to get involved, and honestly, they can be great fun!

My favourite events so far this year have been our All-Hands summer get together, where I got to meet the entire company for the first time, and our virtual Come Bake With Me sessions!

Niamh: I have gotten to know plenty of people working in various areas of the company over the last 9 months. Daily team meetings, mid-month catch ups, working on accounts with different people, fun team events like Come Bake with Me and the summer party – all of these social interactions have helped me to get to know everyone. We also use Slack, which is a great resource for reaching out and having a chat.

 Overall, how have you found working at Net Affinity so far?

Aoife: Net Affinity is a forward-thinking company that knows their employees are their best assets, and they really show it in everything they do for us. I couldn’t be happier working here.

Niamh: As you can probably tell, I have found it brilliant so far. I really feel like an integral part of the company and of my team. I am very happy here.  

Jenna: I am extremely happy here! I feel very fortunate to have found a company that looks after their employees the way that they do, and I look forward to growing with them in years to come.

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