Black Friday 2022

Barbara J. Cote

Black Friday 2022
The Countdown Has Begun…

We’ve been in the gifting industry for a long time. We know what works.

To maximise your Black Friday gift card sales, follow our top ten iron-clad tips below:

1 Be Social
Once you’ve created your exclusive Black Friday discount vouchers, get the word out! Make use of social media, engage your existing email database or, if you want to keep things exclusive, offer hidden vouchers to loyalty program members.

2 PPC Guarantee
Throughout the year, voucher PPC rakes in, at the very least, a 1 to 10 return. During Cyber Week and the Festive Season, that figure balloons to a whopping 1 to 20 return. Your property can’t afford to miss out. Whether you’d like to run PPC with The Brand Mix or your existing third-party provider, ensure it’s up to snuff and the campaigns have enough time to gain traction.     

3 The Humble Footer
Carefully designed Black Friday email footers are a low-cost way of promoting vouchers. With every email you send to an external party, you’re reaping the benefits of free gift card advertising and piquing their interest.

4 QR Codes Galore!
Since 2020, we’ve been surrounded by QR codes. Everyone knows how to use them and they’re a source of curiosity. Try sprinkling QR codes linking directly to your Black Friday voucher offerings around your property and across digital marketing communications. Eager shoppers won’t be able to resist!          

5 Going, Going… Gone!
To add a heightened sense of urgency, why not set a limit on the number of Black Friday vouchers available at a set price? Couple that with a countdown timer and customers will be flocking to your website to claim their share.

6 In like a Lion, out like a Lamb
Start your Black Friday campaigns early, but finish late. Consider leaving gift card campaigns running over the weekend or setting Cyber Monday as the deadline. That way, even disorganised shoppers will get a slice of the pie.  

7 #UseHashtags
In the run up to Black Friday, discounts will be the talk of the town. Keep an eye on social media hashtags relevant to your offering to drive engagement. Be sure to link directly to your voucher engine in every post!

8 The Power of Promos
The In1 voucher engine allows you to apply a Black Friday discount while displaying the price at which the voucher was previously sold. This emphasises the monetary saving and added value, making your offering particularly irresistible. You also have the power to release secret promo codes, allowing only a select few to avail of those exclusive savings.

9 Exclusive Sneak Peeks
Want to reward your most loyal customers first? Why not contact your existing database about exclusive Black Friday offers before they go live to the general public? That way, they get first dibs and you get two bites of the cherry.

10 Advice from In1 Solutions
We could go on and on. Speak to us directly via our social media accounts or by emailing We’d be delighted to share more tips on how to make your Black Friday Voucher Offering the very best it can be!

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