Essential Equipment for House Moving DIYers

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It is that time of year again when people start thinking about moving. Families are gearing up for days spent house hunting while new college graduates are having to think about that first apartment. Spring and summer constitute moving seasons in our little corner of the world. And if you are planning a DIY move, you have your work cut out for you.

DIY moving is certainly cheaper than hiring an entire moving crew and truck. However, it requires a lot more work on your part. It also requires having the right supplies and equipment on hand. You already know about boxes and packing materials to protect your valuables. We will not go there. Instead, let us talk about essential equipment that might otherwise escape your attention.

1. Moving Blankets

I was in my early thirties and had already moved multiple times before it dawned on me just how helpful moving blankets can be. Don’t be like me and assume that moving blankets are only helpful to rich people whose antique furniture can cost more than a cheap used car. Moving blankets are a tremendous help no matter what your annual income is.

Moving blankets protect tables, sofas, chairs, and just about anything else that could get scratched or chipped enroute. They are thick, heavy blankets designed to absorb shock. After using moving blankets once, I made the decision to never move again without them.

2. Tie-Down Straps

Next up are tie-down straps. You’re going to need them to tie things down in the back of your pickup truck or trailer. Even if you are using a box truck, tie-down straps will come in handy. I used to rely exclusively on rope and bungee cords. Then I discovered Rollercam cam straps. I will never go back. Whether it’s cam straps or ratchet straps, both are much easier to use than rope. Both are much stronger and more reliable than bungee cords.

3. Black Markers

You already know about the boxes. Right? Of course you do. But don’t forget the black markers. You will save yourself and your crew a ton of time and aggravation if you write the destination for each box on its top. For example, if somebody grabs a box destined for the kitchen, they do not have to track you down to ask where to take it. They already know. By the way, I recommend black markers. Black ink is the easiest to see against the background of a cardboard box.

4. A Dolly (hand truck)

Be sure to have a dolly, or hand truck, on hand as well. You might not think you need one, but you will discover just how helpful a hand truck can be when it comes time to move something bulky or heavy. Even if you are not moving large appliances, you can move far more boxes in a single hand truck load than you could carry.

5. Coffee and Doughnuts

The last ‘piece’ of equipment is a setup of coffee and donuts. Moving DIYers almost always depend on friends and family members to help. Here’s guessing you are going to do the same. Keeping all of those helping hands happy is going to require feeding them. And nothing goes over quite as well on moving day as coffee and donuts. You might even plan to surprise them with a pizza after that final box is unloaded from the truck.

If you are planning a DIY move this spring or summer, start planning now. Begin assembling your supplies and equipment so that you have everything you need when the day finally comes. You will be glad you did.

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