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Exploring The Valley Of The Giants + Tree Top Walk

Exploring The Valley Of The Giants + Tree Top Walk

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A walk amongst nature is always near the top of my activities list, whether I’m at home or on the road exploring new places.

The fresh air, the peacefulness, and the escaping of crowds do wonders for my mind and body.

woman standing on a bridge

Throw in some seriously big trees, otherwise known as The Valley of the Giants and the Tree Top Walk here in Australia’s South West region and the enjoyment factor goes up a notch.

If you’ve been following us for a while, you’ll have seen that we are always looking for nature spots in Western Australia.

The region is known for its white sandy beaches, towering forests, rugged coastline, nature trails, gorges, and wildflowers in season.

One place we had pencilled in on our 18 month trip around Australia was the Valley of the Giants and the famous Tree Top Walk through the tingle forest, a popular destination near the towns of Denmark and Walpole.

If you’re thinking of visiting Valley of the Giants Tree Top Walk, here’s how you can do it…

About Valley of the Giants Tree Top Walk

bridge above trees

The Valley of the Giants is a beautiful forest of Eucalyptus Trees and 400-year-old Red Tingle Trees nestled between Denmark and the Walpole Wilderness Area in the Walpole Nornalup National Park.

As the name suggests, the trees in this forest are massive.

This is why the best way to see them in all their glory, is from the famous Tree Top Walk which floats at 40 metres above the ground in the canopy of the forest.

The walk trail is only 600 meters long, but is a marvel of engineering, as it connects to six interconnected steel pylons, trusses, and is supported by cables.

Despite being a huge metal bridge, it doesn’t interfere with the beauty of nature and seemingly disappears between the treetops.

It’s free to visit the Valley of the Giants and walk along the ground, visiting the Ancient Empire trees and hiking along the several hiking trails, but the Tree Top Walk is a paid attraction.

You can get your tickets from the Wilderness Discovery Centre/Visitor Center, where you will also find the gift shop where you can find souvenirs, a cafe, and information about the walking tracks in the area.

Getting there

The Valley of the Giants is about 420 kilometres from Perth, located on the Valley of the Giants Road off the South Coast Highway, Nornalup.

From Denmark it’s about a 30-minute easy drive west along South Coast Highway.

Map of perth to valley of giants

The park is open every day of the year apart from Christmas Day. May be closed during extreme weather (lightning or very windy) conditions. The Tree Top Walk is open from 9.00am – 5.00pm but the last visit is at 4.15pm.

Hours differ between December 26th and January 26th.

Facilities at Valley of the Giants Treetop Walk

The Valley of the Giants Treetop Walk is accessible for those with mobility issues and strollers.

You will find wheelchair access to toilets and the visitor center, and parking is at a flat incline. The paths are also wide so you can push a stroller or wheelchair with ease.

There is also a complimentary wheelchair or stroller hire available.

How much is Tree Top Walk?

You only need to pay for Tree Top Walk admission, which costs $21 for adults, $10.50 for children, and $52.50 for families.

Concession tickets cost $15.50 and are available for Australian Seniors, Department of Veterans Affairs, Age Pension, Disability Support, Centrelink Carer, and Companion cards.

Our Experience at Valley of the Giants

We love trees, and the forest, and walking. So we just had to visit.

After our early morning swim at Elephant Rocks, a spectacular beach you must visit whilst in the area, we headed for the serenity of the forest.

people walking on a forest trail

The Valley of The Giants derives its name from the large red tingle trees. And giant they are, especially when you stand little Kalyra and Savannah in their hollowed-out butts, their large scale is quickly put into perspective!

The Treetop Walkway

people walking on a bridge

A birds-eye view of the tingle forest can be gained from 40 metres above ground level as you walk seemingly on air high up in the forest canopy.

I’m not usually one for heights, but the lightweight steel trusses provide a secure platform and my mind is quickly put at ease as I focus in on the forest and the smiles on my kid’s faces as we enjoy a family activity high in the sky over the deep, red tingle gully.

A bridge over a forest
Tree Top Walk in the Valley of the Giants, Western Australia
people standing on a bridge

Built on the side of a natural valley, The Tree Top Walk rises up above the forest floor on a gentle grade that’s suitable for kids and strollers, with the highest point about 40 metres above ground.

people walking on steel Tree Top Walk in the Valley of the Giants, Western Australia
bridge in a forest

The Ancient Empire Boardwalk

To get a different perspective from the ground, the Ancient Empire walk takes you through a grove of veteran-tingle trees called the Ancient Empire.

This area contains the ‘Giants’ for which the forest was named, with some trees measuring up to 16 metres in circumference around their base.

close up of a tree trunk

The kids loved playing in the hallowed-out butts and exploring the unique shapes of the giant trees.

Getting up close and personal to the 400-year-old giants whilst listening to the sounds and movement of the forest created a peaceful experience, and the canopy provided welcome shade from the heat of the day.

people on a trail in a forest
girls standing inside a hollow tree trunk

The 600-metre Ancient Empire boardwalk starts from the visitor interpretation centre. Entry to this experience is free, but there is an entry fee for the tree top walk.

Where to stay in Denmark

As Denmark is so close to the Valley of Giants, it would be the best place to stay. Denmark is a peaceful small town, home to artisans and surrounded by incredible natural beauty. Hopefully you can stay awhile! Here are a few accommodation choices for Denmark.

  • Surfside Ocean Beach Denmark Holiday Accommodation is across the road from the beach, and 10 minutes from downtown. Villas have a fully equipped kitchen, a dining setting, laundry facilities and an outdoor dining area with a BBQ. See rates and availability here
  • The Floating Forest has cabins and cottages surrounded by the forest. It’s world away , yet still only a mile from downtown Denmark. See rates and availability here.
  • Karrak Reach Forest Retreat is a sustainable chalet in Denmark where guests can make the most of its spa and wellness center and garden. See rates and availability here.
  • Upland Farm Luxury Cabins provides adults-only accommodations with a garden and barbecue facilities, and stunning views. See rates and availability here.

Final Thoughts on Valley of the Giants Treetop Walk

We had a great time exploring the Valley of the Giants grounds and doing the Treetop Walk.

It was an easy couple of hours spend admiring the beauty of the nature here and was a pleasant escape from the hustle and bustle of Perth.

If you find yourself in the South West of WA, take the time to visit the Valley of the Giants. You don’t need long here, but the memories will last a while.

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If you find yourself in Australia's South West, a visit to the Valley of the Giants and the Tree Top Walk is a must. Come see for yourself!