Food Specialties in Bamberg Germany: An Ultimate Culinary Adventure

My favourite food specialties in Bamberg are the Blue Sausage (Blaue Zipfel), Smoked Beer, Bamberger Hörnla, and Schäuferla. Located in upper Franconia, Bamberg is famous for its well-preserved old town, a UNESCO World Heritage site. Besides its rich cultural heritage, Bamberg is also renowned for its delicious cuisine.

My trip to Bamberg in upper Franconia was a culinary adventure. From the famous Blue Sausage (Blaue Zipfel) to the locally brewed Smoked Beer, I was able to sample some of the best dishes the region has to offer. In this blog, I share my personal experience with you, whether you’re a food lover, a traveller, or simply interested in learning more about the unique cuisine of this region.

Blue Sausage

Having tried many types of sausages in Germany over the years, I was eager to try the Blue Sausage during my visit to Bamberg. The Blue Sausages, also called Blaue Zipfel, are boiled in a seasoned stock of onions, vinegar, white wine, and other spices. And, they turn a pale blue colour during the boiling process.

The sausages have a unique, smoky flavour that is both rich and savory. Not all restaurants offer this specialty. But Schlenkerla, a historic smoked beer brewery, serves Blue Sausages with sauerkraut and potatoes.

Fortunately, I had the opportunity to sample the Blue Sausage at Schlenkerla, a historic brewery famous for its smoked beer. The Blue Sausages were served with sauerkraut and slices of bread, and I must say, I was thoroughly impressed. The unique taste of the sausages were unlike any others I’ve ever tried, and the accompanying dishes complemented them perfectly.

Smoked Beer

The second specialty I tried was the Smoked Beer, which I sampled on a chilly spring evening in Bamberg’s old town. On that evening, despite the weather, locals were chatting outside the famous restaurant Schlenkerla, sipping on the Smoked Beer. Consequently, I was immediately drawn to the atmosphere and decided to have dinner in the restaurant. Without a doubt, I ordered the Blue Sausages with slices of bread and Smoked Beer for dinner. The combination was unforgettable!

The history of Bamberg’s Smoked Beer dates back to medieval times when beer was brewed in monasteries using malt dried over beechwood fires. The Smoked Beer gets its name from its distinct smoky flavour. It is served exclusively in a half-litre glass.

Bamberger Hörnla

As a food lover, I was delighted to try one of the other food specialties in Bamberg, the Bamberger Hörnla during my visit to Bamberg. This regional specialty shares its name with two beloved local dishes – the Bamberger Hörnla potato and the buttery, flaky pastry crescent.

The Bamberger Hörnla potato

The Bamberger Hörnla potato, known for its distinctive flavour and texture, is grown locally and used in various dishes. One of the standout characteristics of the Bamberger Hörnla potato is its unique ability to absorb the flavours of the ingredients during the cooking. Whether boiled with herbs and spices or roasted with olive oil and garlic, the Bamberger Hörnla potato always delivers an exceptional taste experience. As a side dish or main ingredient, the Bamberger Hörnla potato will leave a lasting impression on taste buds. So, add it to your culinary bucket list when visiting Bamberg!

Bamberger Hörnla pastry crescents

Bamberger Hörnla pastry crescents are filled with either sweet or savory ingredients. It is the perfect snack to enjoy with a cup of coffee or as a breakfast treat. Despite its similarities to croissants, the Bamberger Hörnla has a slimmer shape that sets it apart. The flaky, buttery layers were divine, and I couldn’t resist going back for seconds (or thirds!).


As a food enthusiast, trying Schäuferla in Bamberg would be a pleasant experience. This traditional Franconian dish made from pork shoulder is a well-crafted meal. The seasoned meat, flavoured with salt, pepper, and cumin, has a juicy and appetizing taste. The roasting process, plus root vegetables, onions, and garlic, add depth to the dish’s flavor. Undoubtedly, Schäuferla is a local favourite, with its satisfying taste and texture. So, if you’re interested in the food specialties in Bamberg, consider trying Schäuferla on your next visit.


As a food enthusiast, my visit to Bamberg was a unique culinary adventure. The local cuisine impressed me with its intricate blend of cultural influences and rich flavours. The smoky and tasty Blue Sausage was outstanding, as was the Smoked Beer. The Bamberger Hörnla and Schäuferla, with their perfect blend of traditional ingredients and contemporary cooking techniques, were highlights of my trip. Nevertheless, the food specialties in Bamberg are just a small selection from upper Franconia. I was blown away by the quality and diversity of the food in this region and would highly recommend it to anyone who shares my passion for food and culture.

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