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First impressions really matter—making room cleaning one of the most important aspects of a hotel’s daily operations. The moments after a guest opens the door to their room are crucial: any mistakes here are bound to make it into their review, or worse still, lead someone who otherwise would not have reviewed, to leaving a negative review. So how can you avoid costly slip-ups and instead become known for outstanding cleanliness?

If you are ready to brush up on all things housekeeping, this blog covers everything from hotel room cleaning checklists to tips and software to support your team.

Why is hotel room cleaning so important?

Hotel room cleaning is a relatively black and white space: you either get it right (and enjoy your guests’ content silence) or you get it wrong (and deal with complaints). And when you get it wrong, the cost of repair is high and measured in the impact of a negative review and the lost trust of a customer who may never return. Even relatively neutral reviews can evoke shudders down the spine of potential guests, when the specified cleanliness rating falls sub par.

With only one chance to get it right, housekeeping is a daily activity that has the power to make or break a guest’s experience and shines a spotlight on your team’s processes, as well as attention to detail.

In the pursuit of perfect processes and a suitable hotel room cleaning policy, hoteliers can turn to checklists, experienced housekeeping managers and software, with the goal to drive efficiencies alongside excellence.

What should your room cleaning policy include?

A hotel room cleaning policy lays the foundation for all housekeeping-related activities. It usually includes:

  • The vision, which provides an opportunity to align with the hotel’s brand and goals,
  • House-specific standards, such as products used,
  • Guidelines for conduct, including engagement with guests and reporting faulty appliances,
  • Procedures for public areas and back of house by frequency and
  • Checklists by room type for cleaning during a guest’s stay, turn-down service and turnovers between guests.

Thorough training on policies addresses more unusual scenarios and provides general guidance to align the housekeeping team’s actions with the hotel’s values.

Where a hotel room cleaning service is brought in, the room cleaning policy may form part of the agreement between the hotel and the hospitality cleaning service and set clear standard operating procedures.