How to Improve Review Scores on is the world’s leading source of hotel reviews, powering 41.8% of global guest reviews in 2022. With millions of travelers searching for their next stay on the platform, it’s essential that hoteliers understand how reviews and guest scores work on and have the necessary tools in place to actively manage guest reviews.  

Shiji ReviewPro presents a comprehensive guide with insights, data, and tips to improve review scores on Download here. 

How Important Are Reviews to Guests? 

During our recent webinar, Charlotte Munro, Global Product Marketing Manager at, shared the following data about reviews on 

  • 95% of travelers read guest reviews before selecting accommodation. 
  • 85%+ of customers trust reviews as much as personal recommendations. 
  • Reviews are the 3rd biggest decision-making factor for travelers when choosing where to stay, next to price and location. 

“This is why it is so important to actively manage your reviews,” Munro said. “That means replying to reviews and learning from insights in reviews because they are a very important factor for guests when looking at your property.” 

How Can Hoteliers Improve Review Scores on  

Since review scores have an influence when a guest is making a decision on whether to book your hotel or go with a competitor, it is essential to understand how to improve your review scores on  

Reply to reviews. 95% of travelers read guest reviews, so be sure to reply to reviews and constructively address any issues raised. If, for example, loud noise was mentioned due to construction that has now finished, mention that. 

Manage guests’ expectations. Ensure that the content on your property page is an accurate reflection of what guests can expect at your property. “We often see that the more accurate the portrayal of the property, the better the review score is because it’s what guests book and what they expect,” Munro said. 

Consider providing breakfast. Breakfast is the last meal guests have with you, so always make an effort to provide the best you can. “Breakfast is a nice way to leave a positive lasting impression,” Munro said.  

Deliver great service. Going that extra mile for your guests helps ensure they have a memorable experience. “When we read reviews, we often see super positive reviews that talk about a great experience with a staff member,” she said.

Comfort and cleanliness. Make sure your property respects all sanitary requirements and make it as comfortable as possible for your guests. 

Shiji ReviewPro offers a variety of tools, such as automated review collection, review response templates, and data-driven insights designed to help hoteliers monitor, manage and understand reviews from and other OTA and review sites. With the proper tools and strategies, hoteliers can manage their reviews, improve their review scores, and drive higher visibility and bookings on and other review sources.  

If you would like any more information or support with your and online reputation strategies, please get in touch!  

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