Million Dollar Point In Luganville {Photographs}

Million Dollar Point In Luganville Photographs

Million Dollar Point

Million Dollar Point
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Historic Million Dollar Point In Luganville – Vanuatu

As a WWII history buff, one of the most memorable stops on our incredible 🛳 South Pacific Cruise a few seasons ago, was a visit to – 💰 Million Dollar Point In Luganville.

Situated on one of the pristine 🏝 Nation Islands of Vanuatu.

Getting To Luganville – Vanuatu

Million Dollar Point Google Map

The distance from Sydney – Australia to Luganville – Vanuatu, is about 2600 kilometers to the north east. It was the third ⚓ Port of Call, while on our fabulous 🏝 Royal Caribbean South Pacific Cruise, which departed from Sydney harbor.

Vanuatu is a South Pacific Ocean Nation and consists of approximately 🏝 80 scattered islands, stretching a distance of about 1,300 kilometers.

Luganville is located on the island of Espiritu Santo, which is located in the northern section of its islands.

Cruise Holidays

Today and because of its ideal harbor location, Luganville is one of the nation’s crucial ports.

🚢 Cruise ships arrive routinely and the port is an important center for the shipping of Copra and Cacao.

We absolutely loved our day spent on this quaint island. It is definitely a 🏖 beach lovers paradise and home to one of the most beautiful beaches we have ever seen – Champagne Beach!

You can also enjoy a 🏊 fresh water swim in some of the island’s spectacular blue holes!

Luganville – Brief History

Luganville Vanuatu Children

The City of Luganville is the 2nd largest in Vanuatu, with a population of over 16,000 inhabitants. Vanuatu gained its independence from Great Britain and France in 1980.

During the period of the Second World War, it is estimated that approximately 40,000 United States military personnel were stationed at the – strategically important Naval Base in Luganville.

Wreck Diving Million Dollar Point

It is also estimated during this period, up to 500,000 military personnel enjoyed their R & R on this island.

This Military Base was known to have three large bomber airfields, with a wharf and a drydock locations. Making this a vital military supply and support base location, for allied troops during the conflict with Japan.

It was also one of the main headquarters, for both Navy and Army personnel stationed in the Pacific.

Million Dollar Point – The Name

Million Dollar Point Artifact

Appropriately named for the 💰 millions of dollars of valuable military equipment belonging to the United States. All this surplus was literally dumped into this part of the island at the end of WWII.

Why was all this equipment dumped and discarded you ask?

Million Dollar Point Underwater WWII Steering Wheel

At the end of the war, the Americans had a big problem with what to do with all this equipment. It was simply too costly to start shipping it all the way back to the U.S.

Million Dollar Point Artifacts

At first, they offered to sell a great part of it to the French and British. These two countries both held control over the islands of Vanuatu at that time.

Thinking the Americans were in a bind, they refused to purchase the bulk of the equipment. They were convinced they would have no choice but to simply abandon it all.

Million Dollar Point Underwater WWII Artifact

The Americans had a feeling this was what their Allies were thinking, so they simply decided to just dump it all in the ocean. 😲

Million Dollar Point Underwater WWII Machinery

The locals couldn’t believe what they were seeing, watching vehicles and leftover military equipment being dumped off large barges into what is now known as – 💰 Million Dollar Point.

Million Dollar Point Underwater WWII Cannon

Today, Million Dollar Point is one of this island’s biggest tourist attractions. Visitors can come as we did, and 🤿 snorkel or scuba dive among all the wreckage.

Million Dollar Point Underwater WWII Wreck

It was amazing to see!

Snorkeling Million Dollar Point

🤿 Scuba divers can also enjoy viewing nearby shipwrecks on this island as well, victims of WWII.

Tropical Fish Vanuatu

School of Tropical Fish

Final Thoughts Banner

We enjoyed a wonderful day visiting stunning Champagne Beach, one of the magnificent Blue Holes for a swim and then snorkeling among the wreckage at Million Dollar Point!

Tropical Fish South Pacific

A great day on just another beautiful island in the South Pacific! 🏝

Million Dollar Point Underwater Artifacts

I’ve listed the Official Vanuatu Tourism Board link below to their website page for your convenience. It’s filled with excellent information on everything these beautiful islands have to offer!

Vanuatu Tourism Logo

🌴  Vanuatu Tourism

😎 Safe and Healthy Travels!

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“One Of The Most Popular Shipwreck Sites Of Vanuatu Is The SS President Coolidge – An American Luxury Oceanliner Used As A Troopship During WWII.”


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