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If you are coming into Gatlinburg this month (October), just one of our major recommended pursuits is attending Oktoberfest at Ober Gatlinburg. Ober Gatlinburg is one of Gatlinburg’s oldest and most perfectly-recognised attractions, and it also just takes place to be the only ski vacation resort in the state of Tennessee. Suitable now, there is not substantially snow to be located there, but you can uncover Oktoberfest!

Oktoberfest is Ober Gatlinburg’s homage to the authentic Oktoberfest held yearly in Munich, Germany.

Ober Gatlinburg Tram

Oktoberfest in Gatlinburg is not just some thing you can stroll up to proper off the street. You have to truly get to Ober Gatlinburg very first! But the ride to Ober Gatlinburg is wonderful pleasurable. You get there by using the aerial tramway. It can get a although to get on the tram, but it is truly worth the wait. The views together the way are extraordinary, and you will uncover the tram operator to be extremely entertaining!

Ober Gatlinburg ice skating rink

When you exit the tram, you will discover yourself in a facility that properties a quantity of businesses, having establishments…and an ice skating rink! Just so you know, on the other hand, most of the routines at Ober Gatlinburg are an more fee.

Ober Gatlinburg

Our amount one most-suggested activity (other than just hanging out at Oktoberbest) at Ober Gatlinburg is the Scenic Chairlift. At around 3 thousand feet in length, Ober Gatlinburg statements that it is the longest such chairlift in the United States (and it is genuinely prolonged!), and at 3,455 ft above sea level, it presents you BY Far the optimum mountain see of any of the lifts in Gatlinburg.

Bluegrass at Ober Gatlinburg

At the prime of the Scenic Chairlift, you will uncover not only incredible mountain views…but bluegrass!

Chairlift view

The check out on the way down is impressive.

Holiday vacation idea: beverages are normally not permitted on the chairlift, but if you buy a beverage in 1 of their novelty containers, you are allowed to just take it on the raise.


You can select up some sweet Oktoberfest products when you’re at the party. But, if you are actually there to do the authentic Oktoberfest expertise, you are most likely likely to want to select up your souvenir novelty boot full of beer and a brot.

Beer and a brot

The Oktoberfest entertainers were goofy…but seriously exciting! They sing a assortment of preferred tracks in a traditional Oktoberfest type, and they do it extremely nicely. So get you a beer and a brot and sit down for some definitely superior-natured, enjoyable entertainment.

Oktoberfest finishes on October 30th. We very propose you examine it out!

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