Qunci Villas and SiteMinder – Customer success story

A honeymoon is a pivotal moment for newlyweds to start their new life together. Which is why selecting the perfect honeymoon destination, including choosing the finest couple’s accommodation, is considered essential. One of the favorite choices for newly married couples in Indonesia is Qunci Villas Lombok.

Qunci Villas is one of the pioneer boutique hotels in Lombok that has been in business since July 2003. The hotel was designed by Dutch architect, Joost van Grieken, which limits its carbon footprint by using natural materials such as stone and wood. Moreover, his design further complements the room and public areas which are decked-out with local artworks. Van Grieken was also inspired by authentic Indonesian architecture when designing the hotel. The result is an eco-friendly resort that is in harmony with nature and local values. As their tagline states: Qunci Villas is your key to a true Lombok experience.

Qunci Villas does not deem the beauty of the inn as the only thing that matters to guests, however The team also believes the visitor’s experience is of great importance.

“Most of our guests are young couples, honeymooners, or those who are celebrating their anniversary. Therefore, we always try to ensure that we provide a high level of service to each guest and make certain that every guest is satisfied with the experience of staying with us,“ said Viki Edy Priyatna, E-Business & Reservations Manager.

Converting from manual work to system integration

To guarantee the best experience for their guests, Qunci Villas needs to spend time focusing on giving the most outstanding service. For that reason, it needed to ditch manual work and switch to system integration. Previously, hotel operations such as receiving, recording, and inputting reservation data into the property management system had to be done manually, which was time-consuming and ineffective.

However, since discovering SiteMinder from an online search and trying it out for free, Qunci Villas has managed to handle recurring issues. Viki professed that SiteMinder helped them simplify administrative processes by automating operational tasks. This directly helps save the hotel’s staff time and resources.

“We were aided by SiteMinder because they truly brought about a ‘revolution’ for our property. All tasks are integrated between our website, booking page, and property management system. This really saves labour costs and time. Effective handling of booking channels, thereby increasing revenue, and most importantly improving our customer experience,” Viki explained.

Reservations spike after automation

On top of system integration and automation, SiteMinder provides changes for Qunci Villas’ room management and room rate adjustments. Viki said:

“SiteMinder allows us to easily implement a dynamic pricing system. Previously we tended to use static seasonal pricing. With SiteMinder, our revenue has increased by 30% from what it was before.”

What’s more, Viki states, by using SiteMinder he’s able to finish a great deal of tasks more efficiently, reduce overbooking, reduce problems due to human-error, and make his work more enjoyable and easier.

Thank you for choosing SiteMinder and best of luck to Qunci Villas Lombok!

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