The World’s Largest Convenience Store is Opening in Sevier County – All about Buc-ee’s

Buc-ee’s is a convenience store chain that has become a household name in Texas. Founded in 1982 by Arch “Beaver” Aplin III and Don Wasek, Buc-ee’s has become known for its large, clean, and well-stocked stores, along with its famously clean restrooms. The company has now expanded to other states, with a recent announcement of the building of the world’s largest convenience store right here in Sevier County, Tennessee (at least until they build another one that is even bigger)!

Buc-ee’s is a unique convenience store experience. Its stores are much larger than traditional convenience stores, with some locations boasting over 100 fuel pumps and 50,000 square feet of retail space. The stores are also known for their large selection of snacks, drinks, and souvenirs.

In addition to the typical convenience store fare, Buc-ee’s stores offer a wide selection of Texas-themed merchandise, such as cowboy hats and boots. Need some beef jerkey? Some fudge? Or a mouth-watering brisket sandwich? High end sunglasses? A designer purse?  You will find it all at Buc-ee’s.

One of the most significant draws for Buc-ee’s customers is the company’s commitment to cleanliness. Buc-ee’s has won numerous awards for its restrooms, which are always well-stocked, well-lit, and spotlessly clean. The company even employs restroom attendants to ensure that the restrooms are always in top condition.

Buc-ee’s success in Texas has prompted the company to expand to other states, including Louisiana, Alabama, Florida, and most recently, Tennessee. In 2020, the company announced its plans to open a store in Sevierville, Tennessee that would be the largest convenience store in the world, with over 74,000 square feet of retail space and 120 fuel pumps.

The announcement of the Sevierville store has generated a great deal of excitement among Tennessee residents and visitors. The new store is expected to create over 200 jobs and bring millions of dollars in tax revenue to the area. The company’s commitment to cleanliness is also expected to be a major draw for tourists coming into the Smoky Mountains, who will appreciate the well-maintained restrooms and clean facilities.

Buc-ee’s has become a beloved brand in Texas and other states. The company’s commitment to cleanliness and high-quality products has earned it a loyal customer base. The expansion into other states is a testament to the company’s success, and the announcement of the Sevierville store is an exciting development for fans of the brand.

The Sevier County location, which will be near Exit 407 in an area called Kodak, is scheduled to open June 5. If you are in the area, you will definitely have to stop by and check it out!

If you just can’t wait, there is an already-open Buc-ee’s location about an hour and a half away, down I-40 near the town of Crossville.

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