Video exclusive: inside London’s elegant, charming Bloomsbury hotel

Established in the heart of a splendidly London neighbourhood of the similar identify, The Bloomsbury is a single of our favorite London hotels thanks to its site, classy rooms and suites, amazing bars and restaurants and brilliant hospitality.

The Bloomsbury was originally created by the famous Edwin Lutyens and thanks to its makeover a pair of years ago, the home has hardly ever seemed much better.

Alongside remaining house to some elegant, roomy rooms and suites, The Bloomsbury is also home to some superb bars and places to eat, together with the amazingly Instagrammable Dalloway Terrace, with the allure of a light-weight, floral and tasteful secret yard, as nicely as the grand Coral Area, which will take you back again to the roaring 1920s, and the underground, neat Bloomsbury Club Bar with reside jazz and brilliant cocktails.

To obtain out additional about this superb residence, Wayfarer host and HM Editor-In-Main, James Wilkinson, spoke completely on camera to The Bloomsbury General Supervisor, Susanne Traudt. View the video in the YouTube clip higher than.

Having to London

WAYFARER flew to London with British Airways. The great British airline flies daily to London and the creator suggests traveling in Club Entire world (Organization Class), which capabilities flat-mattress seats, hundreds of hours’ amusement on demand from customers, a excellent variety of wine and some of the finest foods in the sky.

To watch a movie evaluation of Club Globe, click on the picture below.

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