What is ALOS and how do you calculate it?

Whilst this could possibly be your to start with thought, ALOS is much more than just one more extravagant hospitality acronym. It’s a vital hotel metric to keep track of if you want to optimise your distribution, minimize expenses and boost earnings.

In this post, you will find everything you need to have to know about ALOS, and how to use it to even more increase your property’s success.

What is ALOS?

ALOS abbreviates ‘average size of remain.’ It refers to the average range of nights guests continue to be at your home around a offered time. For illustration, if your ALOS was 4.5 in Q3, 2022, every reserving in the course of that quarter was for 4.5 days on normal.

ALOS commonly shifts through the yr, relying on the year and its respective vacation patterns. It also differs based on the house kind, place and target marketplace. Resorts that welcome generally leisure company generally have a extended ALOS. On the other hand, metropolis qualities with a concentration on company travellers commonly see visitors keep less days.

In the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, ALOS trended upwards for lots of trip rentals and lodges in scenic locations as folks embraced the strategy of staycations and distant doing work arrangements.

How do you compute the ordinary length of keep?

Calculating ALOS is straightforward. Establish the regular duration of stay for company at your lodge by subsequent these steps:

  • Incorporate up the quantity of home nights booked for a supplied time (e.g. a single thirty day period, quarter or a personalized interval).
  • Add up the range of reservations for the similar time.
  • Divide the selection of place nights by total reservations to get your ALOS.