10 Awesome Weed-Friendly Places to Smoke Cannabis in Denver

Wondering where you can smoke weed in Denver? Well, there isn’t a shortage of weed-friendly places to consume cannabis and get mile-high this weekend. Weedcations have also become very popular with travelers. The city’s relaxed attitude toward marijuana has cannabis aficionados flying from all over the world to weed-friendly places. From farm tours to art classes, there’s something for everyone looking for a unique or first-time experience with cannabis in Denver. There are so many options for things to do, it can be hard to decide which activities to pursue.

The global cannabis industry is forecast to hit $55 billion in sales by 2026, with the U.S. market growing to $40 billion by then, up from $25 billion last year, according to cannabis-focused research firm BDSA’s September 2022 projections.

Denver’s world-famous legal marijuana industry has plenty of activities for marijuana enthusiasts of all types. Cannabis tourism is becoming more and more popular in Colorado at large and especially in Denver. Getting high in the mile-high city comes with some restrictions though. So before you dive into these weed-friendly things to do in Denver, let’s get the legalities out of the way.

Cannabis Laws in Denver, Colorado

Cannabis Laws in Denver, Colorado

I understand that the cannabis laws in Denver (and the U.S. in general) can be complicated and hard to understand as they change almost daily. President Biden’s Statement on October 6, 2022, was historic. He pardoned all federally incarcerated persons for simple marijuana possession. He urged Governors at the state level to follow suit. President Biden also initiated a review of how cannabis is classified, which could potentially lead to federal legalization.

  • You must be 21 or older to consume any form of cannabis, purchase cannabis, or enter a dispensary.
  •  Medical cards for cannabis, are available to Colorado residents only. The card simply offers a discount and stronger product for medical users.
  • You can purchase up to one ounce (28 grams) of cannabis flower at a dispensary.
  • Edibles, the law allows you to buy 800 milligrams of THC per day.
  • 8 grams per day for concentrates such as shatter, wax, and vape oil. This is due to the strength of the products.

For the casual user, these limits won’t ever matter because an ounce is more than one person can smoke during a weekend. An edible of 800 milligrams is far more than you will want to consume in one sitting. Break them up into the recommended number of pieces per dose your budtender tells you. Smoking 8 grams of concentrates is professional level.

Jars of weed
Photo By: Justin Cannabis

Public cannabis consumption

It is highly illegal to consume cannabis in a vehicle you’re operating or to drive under the influence of THC – Keep your marijuana products sealed while you drive and stow them in the trunk, even if you’re a passenger.

U.S. cannabis laws can be confusing, even for locals. Technically, public use of cannabis in any form is illegal under Colorado law. Smoking, vaping, or eating. You can get in trouble for smoking/vaping weed on the sidewalk, at a bar, at a concert, or in alleyways if caught.

Where to smoke weed in Denver, Colorado?

Adults can only consume marijuana at:

  • Private home/property.
  • Licensed marijuana hospitality businesses such as hotels.
  • Cannabis retail and hospitality sales businesses like social clubs, cafes, and tasting rooms.

Cannabis consumption is also still illegal on federal lands, including state parks, national parks, and Bureau of Land Management areas.

10 Awesome Weed-Friendly Places to Smoke Cannabis in Denver

International Church of Cannabis

International Church of Cannabis

Are you ready to be part of something new and revolutionary? Imagine being part of a religion dedicated to promoting unity and acceptance for all, and enjoying a spiritual journey without judgment. That is exactly why you should visit the International Church of Cannabis. With its dedication to the ideals of love, understanding, and sharing, this new religion has the potential to change the lives of many. This unusual adventure could be enlightening, or really trippy, either way – you’re going to have fun.

Beyond Light show and meditation stonner light show. Things to do this weekend in Denver.

BEYOND Light Show and Meditation

The BEYOND Lightshow and Meditation is a fully-immersive guided meditation with audio-visual art installations. The laser show experience is accompanied by music as the lights reflect off the rainbow-colored walls of the International Church of Cannabis. This weed-friendly place to smoke cannabis in Denver is going to engage all your senses at once.

Cannabis-friendly Marijuana Mansion

First the international Church of Cannabis, and then the Marijuana mansion.

Although Denver is very cannabis friendly – it’s not always the easiest to find a place where you can legally smoke. Enter the Marijuana Mansion. This historical “haunted mansion” has three floors and ten rooms of unique marijuana-themed photo ops. Located inside the mansion is also a dispensary. So stock up, smoke up, and enjoy a stroll throughout this beautiful building.

Cooking with Cannabis Class in Denver

Enjoy a cannabis cooking class demonstration with an expert chef. Taste a variety of sweet, savory, and weed-infused foods as you learn new techniques you can use in your own home cooking. This would be a great thing to do in Denver this weekend. Because after class you can pick up an ounce of your favorite weed (I’m personally a GG4 girl) from your favorite dispensary, and spend some time honing your new cooking skills.

Cannabis-Friendly Painting Class in Denver

Show off your inner artist with a special brownie treat, a vape pen, and a paintbrush. Consuming cannabis is known to open up the creative side in people. You can see beauty in the ordinary. For some people the colors appear brighter and more vibrant, the symmetry of nature pops, and your imagination is in full swing. So what better way to channel that creativity than painting a picture? Painting is soothing and calming while being totally fun at the same time. Time to grab your favorite group of buds and get your artist on.

More Weed-Friendly Places to Smoke Cannabis in Denver

Weed-friendly Places to smoke cannabis in Denver
Image By: Get Your Guide

The Original Colorado Cannabis Tour

Board a 420-friendly party bus with other cannabis enthusiasts and pre-game before your adventure begins. On this guided tour of the cannabis industry, the first stop is a cannabis grow facility. Learn how weed is cared for and grown, and the difference in strands. Then witness a glassblowing demonstration to see how cannabis paraphernalia like bongs and bowls are created. The final part of the tour takes you to different dispensaries where you can use your newfound knowledge to pick out some weed and a new bowl.

**PRO TIP** Flying with marijuana is illegal, BUT clean paraphernalia like pipes, and bongs can come with you on your flight. Grinders, in particular, can be used for many different things such as cooking herbs. So, they can make it through airport security as well.

The Coffee Joint - weed-friendly places to smoke cannabis in Denver
Photo By: Jacqueline Collins

The Coffee Joint

Wondering where to consume cannabis in Denver, Colorado? Located in the bustling heart of downtown Denver, The Coffee Joint is a top-rated spot for locals and tourists alike to enjoy a cup of delicious coffee and consume their favorite strand. Whether you’re looking for a quick coffee fix or an afternoon of getting high while lounging and chatting with friends, The Coffee Joint is the perfect place for a cozy, relaxing break. With an expansive selection of coffee beans from around the world and a spacious, comfortable atmosphere, The Coffee Joint Denver is sure to make you feel right at home.

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Get high in the mile-high city of Denver. These 10 weed-friendly places to smoke cannabis are the perfect things to do this weekend.
Image By: Tetra Lounge

Tetra Lounge

If you’re looking for a place to enjoy your special brownie treat, The Lounge is a great place in Denver to consume cannabis. Relax in downtown Denver, located right off of the 16th Street Mall, the Tetra Lounge offers a variety of tasty food and drinks, as well as a fun atmosphere to enjoy them in.

With a great selection of beers, wines, and cannabis everyone will enjoy themselves whether they partake in weed-friendly activities or they don’t. As well as delicious shareable plates, the Tetra Lounge is a great spot to grab drinks and appetizers after work or to spend a night out in Denver. Tetra Lounge is a members-only venue, but you can purchase a daily pass for $20 USD.

Tokes & Jokes comedy event

Cannabis and comedy. They go together like milk and cookies. Tokes & Jokes: a night of weed, good food, and laughter. The comedy shows are hosted at the famous Tetra Lounge featuring Colorado comedians, cannabis companies, and a night under the stars. Creating a safe and legal environment to consume weed, you’re free to smoke as much as you want.

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Adagio Bed And Breakfast Denver Exterior

Adagio Bed & Breakfast

If you’re looking for a 420-friendly place to spend the night – try staying at Adagio Bed & Breakfast this weekend. Enjoy a quiet countryside setting with luxurious accommodations – perfect for a romantic getaway or a cozy retreat. Wake up to homemade breakfast, explore the gardens as you toke up, and take in the stunning views of the surrounding natural beauty.

There are multiple, private 420-friendly campgrounds in Colorado as well. Like Wilderness Bud and Breakfast (you can also rent a teepee!) that allow cannabis consumption, so be sure to check local and federal laws and comply accordingly.

Make sure you time your highs accordingly or have a designated driver.

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What are marijuana friendly hotels in Denver?

The phrase is usually used for marketing hotel rooms, meaning that smoking cannabis or consumption of related products is allowed within the property.

Where can we smoke weed in Colorado?

You can’t smoke just anywhere in Colorado. To smoke weed in Colorado, you must be on private property or at a licensed cannabis venue, or hotel.

Does Denver smell like weed?

No, Denver does not smell like weed. The mountain air freshens up the city nicely. But – if you are walking around dispensaries you may get a whiff.

How does one buy pot in Denver, Colorado?

You must be 21 or older to buy pot in Denver, Colorado. It can be purchased at a recreationally licensed cannabis dispensary.

What are some fun things to do after taking marijuana edibles?

Some fun things to do after taking marijuana edibles include hanging outdoors and listening to music. But mostly it depends on the person. Sitting at home watching a movie is fun when you’re stoned. Really you can do anything and it will be fun because you’re high.

10 Awesome Weed-Friendly Places to Smoke Cannabis in Denver10 Awesome Weed-Friendly Places to Smoke Cannabis in Denver10 Awesome Weed-Friendly Places to Smoke Cannabis in Denver10 Awesome Weed-Friendly Places to Smoke Cannabis in Denver10 Awesome Weed-Friendly Places to Smoke Cannabis in Denver10 Awesome Weed-Friendly Places to Smoke Cannabis in Denver10 Awesome Weed-Friendly Places to Smoke Cannabis in Denver10 Awesome Weed-Friendly Places to Smoke Cannabis in Denver10 Awesome Weed-Friendly Places to Smoke Cannabis in Denver

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