15 Awesome Adventures to Have in Denver This Weekend

Looking for something to do this weekend in Denver? Check out these 15 amazing adventures. From ziplining to food tours, and wildlife – these are the best things to do in Denver. Denver is famous for its close proximity to jaw-dropping nature, ski slopes, and beer with tons of opportunities to enjoy this mile-high city.

15 Awesome Adventures to Have in Denver This Weekend

1. International Church of Cannabis

Where: 400 S Logan St

Are you ready to be part of something new and revolutionary? Imagine being part of a religion dedicated to promoting unity and acceptance for all, and enjoying a spiritual journey without judgment. That is exactly why you should visit the International Church of Cannabis. With its dedication to the ideals of love, understanding, and sharing, this new religion has the potential to change the lives of many. This unusual adventure could be enlightening, or really trippy, either way – you’re going to have fun.

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2. Indian Hot Springs

Where: 302 Soda Creek Road, Idaho Springs

A short drive west of the city will take you to a spectacular 125-degree natural mineral hot spring known as Indian Hot Springs. You can spend all day letting your fingers get pruney in. 

If you’re looking for a chance to relax and unwind, Indian Hot Springs is the perfect place to go. Located in Idaho Springs, Colorado, the hot springs have been used as a spot to relax and rejuvenate since the late 19th century. With natural hot spring pools, massages, and a range of other spa treatments, Indian Hot Springs offers the perfect opportunity to melt away stress and tension and feel completely refreshed.

No reservation required

$19 per person Mon-Thu,
$21 per person Fri-Sun & Holidays

Is Indian springs Clothing Optional?

No. The hot springs are family-friendly and clothing is required.

3. Castle Marne Bed & Breakfast

Where: 1572 Race St., Denver

Are you looking for the perfect getaway spot to relax and unwind? Castle Marne Bed & Breakfast is the perfect place to do just that. Located in the heart of Denver, Colorado, this historic B&B offers all the charm and amenities of a luxurious hotel, along with the cozy feeling of being at home. From the luxurious guest rooms to the decadent breakfast options, Castle Marne is sure to make your stay relaxing, enjoyable, and one of a kind.

15 Awesome ADVENTURES IN Denver

4. The Four Mile Historic Park

The Four Mile Historic Park is a must-see destination for anyone looking to experience a piece of Colorado’s past. This park offers a variety of recreational activities, ranging from nature walks to educational programs. Located just four miles away from popular downtown Denver, this park is a perfect place to spend a day away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Plus, the park’s location along the banks of Clear Creek makes it a tranquil spot for a relaxing stroll or picnic. Come explore the history of the area, enjoy some of the area’s wildlife, and take in the breathtaking Rocky Mountain scenery. For those looking for a unique outdoor adventure, the Four Mile Historic Park has something to offer.

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5. Devil’s Head Lookout

If you’re looking for a breathtaking view and an adrenaline rush, Devil’s Head Lookout is the perfect destination for you! Located in the Pike National Forest near Conifer, Colorado, this rugged and scenic trail is sure to take your breath away. From the summit, you will find spectacular views of the surrounding countryside, rock formations, and, on a clear day, the distant city skyline. With an elevation gain of over 1,000 feet, it’s an adventure that promises to leave you feeling exhilarated and filled with awe!

6. Marijuana Mansion

First the international Church of Cannabis, and then the Marijuana mansion.

Although Denver is very cannabis friendly – it’s not always the easiest to find a place where you can legally smoke. Enter the Marijuana Mansion. This historical “haunted mansion” has three floors and ten rooms of unique marijuana-themed photo ops. Located inside the mansion is also a dispensary. So stock up, smoke up, and enjoy a stroll throughout this beautiful building.

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7. Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife refuge

Even though the Rocky Mountain Arsenal isn’t inside the city, it’s nearby and close to the airport. So you can stop on your way into or out of the airport, or take a quick ten-minute drive from the city to visit. Once you get there, you can drive eleven miles through the refuge and watch for wildlife. Your best chances of seeing wildlife are in the early morning, and right before sunset. Warmer temperatures during the day will cause the animals to shelter, and decrease your odds of spotting anything.

Bison, deer, bulls, coyotes, elk, pelicans, prairie dogs, and more all call the arsenal home and they are federally protected. The best part about this activity? It’s FREE. Plus it doesn’t require reservations so you can just drive through whenever, or again if you didn’t see any wildlife the first time around.

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8. Argo Gold Mine & Mill Tour

If you’re looking for a unique, fun, and educational experience, the Argo Gold Mine & Mill Tour is for you! Located about an hour and a half from Denver, this exciting tour takes you on a journey through one of Colorado’s most iconic gold mines and mills. From interactive exhibits to a ride on the mine’s original elevator, you won’t want to miss out on this unforgettable experience. Join us as we explore the fascinating history of gold mining in the Colorado Rockies!

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9. Boulder Falls

Are you looking for an exciting adventure to embark on? Boulder Falls, Colorado has something for everyone! Whether you’re looking for a rugged hike through breathtaking views, or a peaceful picnic among cascading waterfalls, Boulder Falls has it all. From its indoor rock climbing walls to its kayaking tours, Boulder Falls is a one-stop shop for all of your adventure needs. With its unique beauty and plentiful activities, it is no wonder that Boulder Falls Colorado is becoming a hot spot for adventurers around the world.

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10. Mount Evans Via Ferrata Climbing Experience

Experience the adventure of rock climbing on an assisted Via Ferrata excursion. If you’re a first-time climber, or new to climbing – no worries. Because there are safety cables and harnesses to keep you safe. Using ladders, bridges, and metal rungs you will navigate the steep cliff sides. As you are climbing high above the Chicago Creek; take in the magnificent views over Idaho Springs below. Then the best part begins. A joy ride descent via zip lines and rappels! This truly is an awesome adventure to have in Denver this weekend.

11. Whitewater Rafting in Clear Creek Canyon

Advanced paddlers will love this technical run down, Clear Creek. You’ll be paddling through whitewater that plummets more than 100 feet per mile. This whitewater rafting tour is for advanced or experienced paddlers that know how to swim well. For a beginner ride down the river, you will love the whitewater rafting tour for beginners.

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12. BEYOND Lightshow and Meditation

The BEYOND Lightshow and Meditation is a fully-immersive guided meditation with audio-visual art installations. The laser show experience is accompanied by music as the lights reflect off the rainbow-colored walls of the International Church of Cannabis.

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13. Go Ziplining near Denver

Soar through crisp Rocky Mountain air and enjoy the scenery on a zipline course that’s just a short drive from Denver. Feel the thrill of the longest ziplines in Colorado on a 4- or 6-cable tour that takes you through different levels of the forest, with a few short, scenic hikes in between tracks.

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14. RiNo Beer and Graffiti Walking Tour in Denver

Take a break from the crowds of downtown and explore one of Denver’s fastest-growing neighborhoods on an art and beer tour through the River North Art District (RiNo). See colorful street murals and graffiti hidden among re-purposed warehouses, and stop along the way at hand-picked breweries and cider houses for a taste of Mile-High flavor.

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15. Downtown Denver Food Tour

Denver’s compact downtown area makes it easy to visit several restaurants in a short amount of time on this walking food tour of the Mile High City. Sample sweet and savory dishes at five restaurants while your guide introduces you to Denver’s culinary scene and shares an insider’s perspective on the bustling LoDo neighborhood. Bonus: Exploring by foot gives you an intimate glimpse of the vibrant city.

Frequently Asked Questions about Denver this weekend

Is there anything fun to do in Denver?

There is something for everyone in Denver. Food & drink tours, national parks, hiking, shopping, and concerts are all just a few fun things to do in Denver.

What not to miss near Denver?

Rocky Mountain National Park is one thing not to miss near Denver. There are also mountain towns such as Boulder, Estes Park, Colorado Springs, and Vail not to miss near Denver.

What is Denver popular for?

Denver is popular for its collection of renowned museums, epic breweries, and historical landmarks. The city gets its ‘Mile High City’ nickname from being exactly one mile high

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