Hotel Pillows, Sheets, and Decor to Make Your Bedroom Feel Like a Resort

At Six Senses Ibiza, which has an impressive sleep-focused wellness program, guests will find Hanse’s firm and fluffy pillows, but Smith also points to Naturalmat as an excellent choice for at-home luxury thanks to its variety of goose and duck down pillows, as well as wool for a firmer feel.

I can attest that Saatva’s best-selling latex pillow has the same magical qualities as its Classic Mattress: soft and supportive. Plus, the breathable latex means you’ll always be on the cool side of the pillow. 

Meanwhile, people interested in the full Four Seasons experience can invest in the company’s hypoallergenic pillows that combine down and feathers, or opt for the delightfully plump down alternative pillowsBrooklinen’s down alternative pillow is also a noteworthy competitor for a much lower price. 

Four Seasons down and feather pillow

Marriott down alternative eco pillow

Bed linens

Along with hotel pillows, you’ll want to invest in some top-quality linens. And where Brooklinen really shines is in the bed sheets category. 

“Our Classic Percale Sheets are inspired by that perfectly crisp, luxurious feel we’ve come to know and love from hotel beds,” says Nicolas Lukac, Brooklinen’s director of emerging channels, describing these 100 percent cotton, 270 thread count sheets. Other noteworthy products from the brand include the Washed Linen Sheets, which exude vibes of a relaxing summer on the coast, and the Luxury Sateen Sheets, which have a smoother finish.

It’s hard to beat the quality to price ratio of Brooklinen, but if you have a higher budget, Pahel recommends Frette products for its “superior comfort, durability, and luxury.” She’s also a fan of Nollapelli for its cooling powers. 

If you’re a truly hot sleeper, Sijo’s AiryWeight Cooling Eucalyptus Bedding is life-changing. They’re moisture-wicking, unbelievably soft, hypoallergenic, and perfect for sensitive skin. Plus, they look and feel almost like silk with the right hint of sheen. 

Nollapelli Cooling Sheet set

Frette Ultimate Sheet set

Brooklinen Classic Cotton Sheet set

Sijo AiryWeight Eucalyptus Sheet set

Accessories and decor

Getting the basics right is definitely a great start, but crafting a lavish atmosphere in your bedroom requires focusing on the overall aesthetic of your space, and making sure you have a few key accessories.

Whether you need to block out the noise of a snoring partner, a busy street, or even your busy mind, use a sound machine to lull you into dreamland and blackout curtains to help you stay there. 

Consider the Hatch Restore, which serves as a sound machine and a sunrise alarm—because nothing is more stressful than loud beeping to startle you out of your slumber. It even imitates sunsets to help wind down for the evening, along with guided meditations, bedtime stories, and other soothing sounds through the free companion app. For a more affordable alternative, albeit with less features, check out this top-selling sunrise alarm clock on Amazon.

Take things up a notch by filling your space with enchanting aromas from Apotheke, a home fragrance brand focused on quality ingredients and long-lasting scents. According to the company’s founder Chrissy Fichtl, reed diffusers are perfect for establishing a consistent signature scent to welcome you home, while candles serve as a great mood-setter. 

She recommends using a variety of scents throughout the home: clean and crisp for the bedroom; bright and savory for the kitchen; and fun, seasonal fragrances for the bathroom. “White Vetiver is the ultimate luxury scent,” Fichtl says, but Canvas and Charcoal are other popular options with an upscale feel.

“Overall, less is more when curating a space that promotes good sleep and a luxurious atmosphere,” says Smith, noting the minimalist approach found in guest rooms at Six Senses Ibiza. She and Pahel both recommend light, natural, and neutral colors for the walls and decor to help make your bedroom feel relaxing, uncluttered, and spacious.

As a final touch, they say to add a cozy yet elegant armchair with a footrest, and voila…your five-star bedroom is complete.

Hatch Restore Sunrise alarm clock

Apotheke White Vetiver Reed Diffuser

Amazon Basics Room Darkening Blackout Window Curtains

Wake Up Light Sunrise Alarm Clock

Brooklinen super-plush robe

Hill House Home The Hotel Robe

L’Occitane shea butter hand cream

Diptyque fresh body lotion

Hotel Lobby Island candle

Venus et Fleur Fleura vase with eternity roses

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