Keep Your Eye on These Three Growing Hotel Career Paths

It takes teams of hotel professionals working behind the scenes and interacting with guests to provide a top-notch hospitality experience. Now, as guests’ travel priorities have shifted, so has the scope of talent needed to meet their demands. Here are three hotel career paths that are growing and evolving the fastest in the changing landscape of the hotel industry:

More Opportunities in Hotel IT Management

Almost all of the recent trends in the hotel industry have revolved around one thing: technology. While some properties may rely on outsourcing technical support, established hotel brands are investing heavily in growing their information technology teams. Trends like loyalty programs, in-room smart technology, and artificial intelligence all need skilled teams of database administrators and computer systems managers to function.

But the biggest focus for hotels moving forward is security. Hotels must ensure that guests feel safe in providing their information, linking smart devices, and providing digital payment. Because of this, hotel IT security-related roles will grow exponentially in the coming years.

Roles to Support Wellness Tourism Boom

Wellness Directors, Heads of Well-being, Directors of Spa and Wellness; the titles vary from brand to brand, but more hotels are seeking hospitality leaders who can keep up with the growing wellness tourism trend. Travelers want unique wellness experiences like romantic spa outings, wellness retreats, or programs connected to the community. Teams of professionals like spa directors, wellness concierges, fitness instructors, and a variety of other professionals are injecting wellness into as many aspects of the guest experience as possible.

Resorts devoted to wellness are also popping up and growing in popularity. They often revolve around food and beverage departments that combine science-based nutrition with the finesse of a Michelin-starred restaurant. Many also employ highly specialized fitness professionals, therapists, and even alternative medical professionals, all of whom need a hospitality touch.

Digital Marketing

Whether it involves content marketing, influencer marketing, email campaigns, or online advertising, hotel marketing revolves around the digital world. Consequently, digital marketing is one of the fastest-growing career paths. Large hotel companies will be looking for specialists and a marketing director who can lead them all, while small properties will want someone who can do it all. As hotels seek new ways to edge out the competition, digital marketing career options will also evolve.

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