What to pack for an African safari

Maybe you’ve imagined yourself doing an African safari in full 19th century explorer outfit, complete with khaki shorts, moustache and brimmed hat. Unfortunately (for your more romantic side), this will probably make you stand out rather than disguise you.

If you’re thinking about what to pack for your safari, full khaki isn’t really necessary, but it’s probably a decent idea to avoid fluorescent orange. Clothing-wise, the most important thing is that you pack for varying temperatures. If you’re camping, temperatures can go from swelteringly hot during the day to freezing cold at night. The key is lightweight, skin-covering clothes that you can layer or remove as necessary.

Here are the clothing essentials:

  • Lightweight, long sleeve t-shirts
     These will keep mozzies at bay and are perfect for layering at night.
  • Lightweight cotton cargo trousers
  • Lightweight cotton cargo shorts
  • Pair of thermals.
    Decent, insulated top and bottoms will be a life saver if you’re camping.
  • Packable rain jacket.
    Something light, easy to pack but with quality insulation. You don’t want to be caught under Kenyan rain without something waterproof.
  • Comfortable underwear
    Can you really overpack underwear?
  • Something a bit smarter
    You may not want to be in your baggy, dirty safari outfit when you sit down at night for dinner. Bring a nice shirt or dress.

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