Why Atican Beach Resorts in Lagos is The New Hangout Spot

atican beach resort

Atican beach resort is one of the many private beach resorts in Lagos. Lagos has over fifty known beaches, both privately and publicly managed and Atican beach Lagos is one of them.

Atican beach resort is one of the many private beach resorts in Lagos. Lagos has over fifty known beaches, both privately and publicly managed and Atican beach Lagos is one of them.

The Atican beach resort can be portrayed as the existence of exotic waterfronts on Nigerian soil. Thus, this is a perfect place to unwind, have a romantic escape and have a feel of home away from the typical Naija shores even with the whole family.

Seeking privacy on a beach in Nigeria, this article covers all you need for an uncommon experience at Atican beach.

atican beach resort

Location of Atican Beach Resort

Atican beach is located along Abraham Adesanya estate in Ajah- Okun town off Lekki-Epe expressway.

How to get to Atican Beach

Accessibility is one of the features that highlight the Atican beach. This means that you do not need a ferry or boat cruise to get to Atican beach. You can easily get there in less than an hour from Victoria Island, Lagos.

With evolving technology, Google maps is to the rescue and you are there in no time. Plus, motorcyclists in the area are familiar with the Atican beach and can give you directions to the beach.

Furthermore, Atican beach resort can be spotted along the major Lekki-Ajah road which makes it less difficult to reach.

Year of establishment

Atican beach resorts was founded over a decade ago, precisely in the year 2010. This distinguishes the beach from the regular ones that have been in existence for a long time.

Also, Atican beach was carved out of the desire for luxury and delivery of unusual relaxation benefits to visitors.

Who Owns Atican Beach?

Chief Atiku Rasheed Abogun is the executive director of the Atican beach resorts.

atican beach

Settings at the Atican Beach

Atican beach is a secluded arena packaged for fun, leisure, water recreation and staycation- a day or more at the resort. The beach offers various services that can be directed towards hospitality. On a regular day, Atican beach can accommodate hundreds of visitors.

The beach is situated amidst the luxury lifestyle of the Lagos people and also has facilities to further showcase diversity and culture.

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Activities at Atican Beach

Performance from live bands

On typical days, you can sit at any spot on Atican beach and enjoy musical performances from highly-rated musicians. Consequently, this serves as a perfect way to unwind and enjoy the cool evening breeze.

Children time out

Atican beach resorts is an arena that welcomes children to also participate in entertaining activities. A special area is marked out for your young children to play, create castles with sand, swim and also compete to fill sea shell boxes.

This provides exciting moments for your children and they have not left out of the fun that Atican resorts present to them. Also, you can engage them this way, while you relax and enjoy the experience yourself.

Plan your private events by making reservations

Creating your mini parties, surprise proposals, birthdays, private events and so on can be done at Atican beach resorts. The only thing to note is that you have to make a reservation in advance for this.

This includes either visiting the beach resort’s social media handles or making a phone call to the management. Then you have to list all the activities to be engaged in and how you desire it done and other entertainment or dining plan as well. Well, this can be covered by the resort at a fee.

Entrance fee to Atican Beach

The entrance fee for Atican beach resorts varies based on the day you visit and whether you are a child or an adult. it is fixed at 1,000 nairas for adults and 500 nairas for children. Although if you intend to use other facilities at the beach, you have to pay for it. The entrance fee is just to gain access to the premises. It does not cover for other services at the resort.

Opening days and hours at Atican beach

The Atican beach resort is open every day of the week from morning till night. This allows for a variety of activities to take place every day. Besides, you can make use of the beach hotel facility if you realize that you need to stay till dark hours.

The beach opens 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. Moreover, this includes public holidays and festive seasons which are even the main times you will find a large number of visitors coming to Atican beach.

Best visiting days and hours to Atican Beach

The best time to visit Atican beach is during the weekdays or weekends, depending on your preference. If you like a cool beach with few or no crowds. You may visit during the weekdays, however, if you love a crowded beach, you can visit on weekends. No day has fun excluded at the beach since you can create your schedule too!

Preference counts when it comes to visiting times at Atican beach. It is advisable to visit according to your choice. This means that since the resort is available all day long throughout the year, you can visit whenever you desire.

However, if you desire peace, privacy and exclusive times with your loved ones, you can decide to visit during the week. Also for adventurous people, weekends, holidays and festive seasons are the most preferred.

Dining at Atican Beach

Atican beach provides a dining facility where you can get local Naija food at affordable prices. Also, you can come with your packed food warmers and drink packs to the beach.

Though, you are advised to keep the beach neat at all times by not dropping trash just anywhere- bins are provided for that purpose.

Also, there are huts to sit and enjoy fresh coconut water which is sold for 500 nairas or less, prices vary. Additionally, you can also get drinks such as wines, fruit juices, and soft drinks, at the bars to quench your thirst after a sunny day. To add to this, you will also find the local skewed beef- suya which is sold at the beach barbecue spot very tempting. All of these are set to spice up your taste buds while you enjoy your day at Atican beach.

Spotlights of the Atican beach

Quite extraordinary, Atican beach has the following feature that makes it stand out from other beaches in Lagos;


For visitors to have peaceful and cosy days away from Lagos’s noise and bustle. Atican beach was set up to offer the best in this regard. Therefore, this feature has defined the beach over the years.

Vacation amenities

Atican beach is where you can visit and choose to stay for more than one night if you desire. This is because the facilities available can accommodate your vacation needs just the way you like it. Hence, whether you desire a retreat, a honeymoon, a group business trip and so on, Atican beach resort offers that with its impressive amenities.

Welcoming staff

Guides and staff are ready to help you find your way, explore and have a nice time on the Atican beach.

Facilities at Atican Beach

Atican beach has great installations made for the satisfaction of guests at all times;

Children playground

Sections are available at Atican beach resorts, specifically for children to enjoy and also use the amenities in their way. This is to create fun and exciting moments that your children can relate to.


Restrooms are available at Atican beach where you can wash up and make yourself comfortable as you wish.

Car park

Atican beach has a dedicated car park for your cars. The car park is spacious and can accommodate a good number of cars and vehicles. To add to this, the environment is secure and you do not have to worry about safety so much.

Gift shop

Have you ever thought about shopping at a Nigerian resort? Well, Atican beach resorts add this luxurious definition to the list of amazing facilities there.

Thus, there is a gift mart where you can get quality clothing, indigenous crafts and artworks, household items and gifts.

Restaurant and bar

There is a restaurant where food is sold at Atican beach, you can buy well-prepared local meals at inexpensive prices. Also, you can order exotic and local drinks at the bar while you sit and have a great time relieving tension.

Outdoor sitting area

The outdoor area where you can sit at the Atican beach has paid tents with tables and chairs. You can pay for small spaces which cost about 10,000 naira and large spaces which can accommodate up to a hundred people for 100,000 Naira.

Here, you can sit and watch the coasts plus enjoy the cool atmosphere and relax as you wish.

Exquisite lodges

The lodges available at Atican beach have comfortable amenities to satisfy your needs. The rooms are well kept, the resort offers room and dry cleaning service, and the apartments are spacious too and have nice technology installations.

Consequently, you can choose from a low-cost apartment for about 15,000 Naira or a family-size room for 30,000 Naira. Also, there are luxurious suites that are ranged from 55,000 Naira and above or the option of a lesser premium lodge for 30000-35000 however you like it.

The rooms are mostly selected based on your option and also the number of people who will be staying there. Whether a family size or if you are staying with your children, private yet luxurious apartments and even grand rooms fit the desire of guests visiting Atican beach.

Things to do at Atican Beach

Enjoy serenity on the breezy beach

The huts and palm trees fixed on the dunes at the beach provides an avenue to experience calmness. Whether you choose to relax, spend quality time alone or with your partner, friends and family, Atican beach is excellent for that.

Have a private moment with your loved ones

The settings at Atican beach resort offer intimacy as well as different activities that lovers can engage in. A day at the beach, lodging in the rooms and personal activities make your stay at Atican amazing.

Dine and wine

Should you decide to have a picnic, purchase meals at the restaurants and so on, Atican beach resorts are ready to welcome your options.

Horse riding

Horses are stationed at Atican beach and with the help of guides, you can have a perfect adventure. To ride on a horse, you can be required to pay about 500 nairas per ride or more. The adventure takes you past the wide expanse of land around Atican beach which gives another view.


To be safe, swimming at Atican beach is mostly recommended for experienced swimmers. Though you are allowed to swim as much as you like but look out for rainy days with uncontrollable tides. The resort also has a private pool for swimming.

Take a walk

A moment to breathe, think, strategize and relax in a private environment can interest you to take a walk along the paths and enjoy.

Capture the moment with beautiful pictures

At Atican beach, there are several spots to capture beautiful memories on camera. The beach area, waterfronts, villas, restaurants, horse riding and many more

Purchase beautiful gift items and clothing

This can be done at the gift shop on Atican beach where you can visit to get beach clothing and accessories, souvenirs from the city of Lagos and many other beautiful things.

Explore recreation on the beach

Visitors to Atican beach engage in different activities on the beach, especially on weekends and holidays when they are around. Though, just to relax and also make friends with a few people at the beach, this is a great opportunity. You can play ball games, indoor games like snooker, ludo, chess and so on.

Attend live music shows

Watch the sunrise and sunset at specific hours of the day on the beach

Clothing tips when visiting Atican beach

Atican beach is an excellent coast getaway not just for you, but for your family and friends. Therefore, you do not want to miss out on the solace such moments will offer you.

Wearing light and comfortable clothing is great for a day at Atican beach resorts. You can choose to include clothes like;

  • Beach wears, bikinis, shorts and t-shirts
  • Sunglasses and a hat
  • Breathable slides and sandals
  • Outdoor clothing- in case you are going out of the beach premises and so on.

Over the years, Atican has remained one of the most visited beaches in Lagos.

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