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Your Ultimate Guide to Resistance Bands (2023 Review)

Your Ultimate Guide to Resistance Bands (2023 Review)

Resistance bands are a popular sort of coaching machines that has become component of quite a few people’s exercise routine routines in the past couple of years. A single catalyst for the skyrocketing acceptance of bands is the Covid-19 pandemic. All of a sudden, quite a few people observed on their own without accessibility to a health club and had been forced to come across choice approaches to keep energetic.

Luckily, fitness centers are open up, but resistance bands are not heading anyplace because several people today recognize their brilliance.

Stick close to to discover precisely what bands are, how to use them, what positive aspects they offer, and substantially far more.

What are Resistance Bands, and how do they function?

Resistance bands are lengthy items of elastic product built for toughness coaching. There are two principal types of bands: open-ended, commonly with handles on both sides, and looped.

You can use resistance bands to complete numerous workout routines, warm up right before education, and do mobility perform. Bands can also get the job done as an addition to bodyweight and health club exercises.

For illustration, you can tie a looped band on a pull-up bar and let it dangle like a noose. Then, step inside of the band, get the pull-up bar, and perform band-assisted pull-ups. The band would remove some of the resistance, generating it a lot easier to do pull-ups. Working with bands with unique resistance allows create strength and is a good way to follow pull-ups.

In the same way, you can tie bands to a barbell for electricity and explosiveness instruction. The band outlets vitality as it lengthens, creating the best of just about every repetition difficult.

Talking of energy, resistance bands have linear variable resistance (LVR). There is pretty much no resistance at first, but tension rises as you lengthen a band, identical to a slingshot.

The gain of LVR is that you cannot use momentum to complete reps like when lifting free weights (dumbbells, barbells, etcetera.). Rather, you need to flex your muscular tissues increasingly more difficult as you get nearer to the top rated of each repetition. Undertaking so could lead to greater muscle mass activation and a more powerful intellect-muscle relationship.

How to decide on the accurate Resistance Band

Acquiring used to resistance bands normally takes some time. They can feel uncomfortable originally mainly because the rigidity you sense differs from what you knowledge when utilizing cost-free weights and gym machines or executing bodyweight functions (e.g., push-ups).

When picking a resistance band, you must consider the next components:

Resistance amount: Resistance bands occur in several stages of resistance, ranging from mild to heavy. You need to be ready to prepare as a result of a entire vary of motion and attain the top rated of just about every repetition with no swinging your physique or using momentum. The repetition should really feel progressively additional challenging, culminating in peak contraction prior to returning to the setting up posture.

Product: Most manufacturers use latex, rubber, or a mixture of components. Latex bands are a lot more strong and extensive-lasting, but some men and women may have an allergy to latex. Rubber bands are a good alternative and are often a lot more cost-effective.

Size: Resistance bands come in diverse lengths, and the size you require relies upon on the workouts you plan to do and your top. A band that is 4 to 6 ft (120 – 180 cm) extensive is appropriate for most routines.

Thickness: The thickness of the band also affects the resistance. Thicker bands present far more resistance, when thinner bands are much more adaptable and offer considerably less resistance. You will have to experiment and see what resistance works most effective on certain workouts.

Portability: If you prepare to use your resistance band even though traveling, seem for a band that is light-weight and straightforward to transportation. Some bands arrive with carrying bags or can be wrapped all-around your wrist for uncomplicated transport.

The appropriate resistance degree depends on your health level and the exercise routines you plan to do with the band. For example, if you are undertaking curls with a band, you really should come to feel more and more additional rigidity in your biceps as you flex your elbows. As a outcome, the contraction at the best should be intense, and your elbows really should remain at your sides from start to complete.

Like with other exercises, pick a more durable band for compound workouts (e.g., resistance band lat pulldown) and a thinner one particular for isolation actions (e.g., bicep curls).

In the long run, the greatest resistance band for you will rely on your personal demands and tastes. It may be beneficial to check out out a couple of distinct bands to see which just one feels most comfortable and delivers the resistance you will need for your exercise routines.

A quick look at Resistance Band Colors and Pressure Ranges

There are a few methods to identify the toughness of a resistance band:

  • By colour
  • By in general visual appeal (e.g., how thick it is)
  • By what is prepared on the band alone

Most manufacturers make diverse color bands to differentiate them. The 6 colors most frequently utilised are black, red, blue, green, and yellow. Other hues you can appear throughout contain silver, brown, beige, pink, and gold. 

In most situations, the five classic colours are arranged as these kinds of:


Each and every producer will checklist the resistance range on each and every colour band, making it easier to figure out which just one you should use in your instruction.

For illustration, a yellow band may be shown as 5 to 15 lbs (2.2 to 6.8 kg). In other text, it would initially present 5 lbs of resistance and improve up to 15 as you lengthen it. You should really be watchful when lengthening a lighter band mainly because you could thrust it outside of its restrict and lead to it to snap.

Thickness is yet another way to figure out which band from a set gives the minimum or the most resistance. Some brands make all their bands in the same coloration and differentiate them by producing the resistance on each individual.

There are numerous various types of resistance bands, each with unique options and benefits. However, let’s go above the most common types.

The Ability Resistance Bands are substantial rubber bands and are frequently utilized for extra highly developed energy teaching routines. They are a continuous flat loop that can be made use of for different functions. The Mini-Bands, on the other hand, are significantly shorter and broader. Mini bands are normally made use of for increasing strength and security for the lower human body (and upper physique with certain physical exercises).

Then there is a third kind to bring to your consideration, the Tube Resistance Bands. Generally with handles connected at possibly conclude, they are built to mimic health and fitness center machines and dumbbell exercises. They easily anchor to the door or a bar/pole. Similarly are the Figure 8 Resistance Bands. These bands are formed like in determine 8 nevertheless, they target on distinct muscle mass groups, this kind of as the shoulders or upper body.

Each individual resistance band has its advantages, and the ideal style for you relies upon on your physical fitness plans and preferences. Attempt out a couple diverse sorts of resistance bands to see which a person will work most effective for you. 

Approaches to use Resistance Bands

The attractiveness of resistance bands is that you can use them for quite a few issues and in quite a few scenarios. Listed here are some examples:

  • As instruments for warming up or executing mobility do the job
  • As portion of your gymnasium plan (in mixture with a variety of actions)
  • When training at property or on the highway

Lighter resistance bands are the best applications for mobility and warm-up operate mainly because they do not present a lot resistance. For occasion, you can get a light-weight band and do some gentle curls to warm up your biceps just before a exercise session.

You can also increase resistance bands to your fitness center regime to make particular workouts simpler or more hard. A single solution is to connect bands to your barbell for electric power training. The bands will lengthen and present peak tension at the best of each repetition.

Alternatively, use bands to make some physical exercises less difficult. For instance, perform band-assisted pull-ups by wrapping a resistance band on a pull-up bar and allowing it dangle like a noose. Step in excess of it, suspend you in the air, and the band will make the training less difficult.

Lastly, you can use bands for workout choices. For occasion, perform resistance band chest flyes if you do not have obtain to a cable machine. You can use a resistance band door anchor to protected the band in a significant or very low placement and do the physical exercise as you generally would.

If you are not sure how to make the most effective use of a Resistance Band, you can get aid from fitness apps like Fitbod and Hevy for direction and assistance.

For occasion, Fitbod provides fully tailored training options based on readily available products, schooling plans, program, etcetera. In addition, you can include the tension degree (e.g., light, medium, and many others.) in the application and keep track of your development in the lengthy operate.

Likewise, the Hevy physical exercise library functions several resistance band physical exercises for all key muscle mass teams. You can arrange your routines in seconds, log every set with a easy faucet, and keep track of your efficiency from 7 days to week.

Which Resistance Band to buy?

As you know by now from this posting, resistance bands are wonderful for your home or vacation physical fitness equipment. However, due to the product’s simplicity, hundreds, if not hundreds, of various merchandise and makers exist.

The most effective resistance band product for you relies upon on your physical fitness aims and requires. Below are some preferred and really-rated solutions to contemplate:

  1. TheraBand: These bands are designed of higher-excellent latex and arrive in a variety of resistance stages, from more mild to excess large. They are sturdy, multipurpose, and a well-liked choice between health fanatics.
  2. Match Simplify: These Electric power Resistance Bands are premium-quality latex and appear in diverse resistance amounts. They are light-weight, moveable, and can be applied for a variety of exercises, this kind of as e.g. pull-ups.
  3. Black Mountain Merchandise: This set consists of five Tube Resistance Bands of varying resistance amounts, as very well as handles, doorway anchors, and ankle straps. It is a comprehensive and economical possibility for people on the lookout to get commenced with resistance band coaching.

These are just a few examples of the several resistance band products obtainable. It is also valuable to read opinions from other users to see how the product has labored for them.

Remaining Words on Resistance Bands

Resistance bands can be a precious addition to your fitness regimen if you want to improve your strength and flexibility or strengthen your total well being and wellness. You can acquire them with you on the street, mix them with lots of barbell and bodyweight workouts, and give the vital overload for very long-phrase development. And they are not just for newcomers a research from 2014 found that the Resistance Band Drive-Up produces comparable toughness gains as Bench Press, with an equivalent tension degree.

In summary, resistance bands are an affordable way to obtain your physical fitness or rehabilitation goals. Are you searching for something else? Test our posting with 6 amazing Exercise Devices and Equipment to acquire on the Road.